At NOMAD, our aim is to run a sustainable restaurant business. By working with likeminded suppliers, producers, growers and contractors we aim to minimise our carbon footprint. To this end, our chef sources as much of our produce as close as possible to the restaurant, minimising the distance that produce must be transported. We are apart of the choosewisely campaign that aims to help restaurant patrons make informed choices about where they choose to dine. Our kitchen buys in whole animals that we break down on site and utilise the whole beast. Through our charcuterie, sauces and stocks our aim is to not waste any part of the animal that has been ethically raised for our consumption. 

Some of our producers

Willowbrae Chevre Cheese Farm

Game Farm 

Melanda Park Pork

Vic's Meats

De Costi Seafood

Cooks Coop

Johnstone Kitchen Garden

St Ali Coffee

At Nomad, we choose to offer our diners Sydney's finest tap which is chilled, filtered and carbonated on site. The system we have chosen negates the importation of carbonated bottled water shipped in from overseas. 

We choose to support our local wine industry and the stories behind Australian wineries and producers. We believe in the quality of our local wine industry and want to give these producers a Sydney cellar door where diners can enjoy their wine with locally sourced produce. 

We aim to be a carbon neutral restaurant with 95% of waste we generate being recycled. All our used cooking oil is collected and recycled to make biodiesel fuel. Whilst we are not 100% as yet, all of our business practices aim to get as close to the mark as is able.