Nomad is taking every possible measure to reduce risk of transmission within its venue/s and other workspaces. This plan takes into account guests, staff, contractors and all other site visitors. All NOMAD staff are trained to assume any person within its venues is asymptomatic, thus taking maximum precautions against transmission at all times.


Excluding guests and staff who are unwell

  • Any staff member that displays any of the symptoms related to COVID19, currently listed on the NSW Health website, will not be permitted to return to work until they have been tested and undergone the appropriate isolation period.
  • All staff have their body temperature taken by the nominated Covid-safe marshal for that shift. Any staff member that shows a temperature above the recommended range will not be permitted to return to work until they have been tested and undergone the appropriate isolation period.

Providing guests and staff the most up to date information

  • Staff are regularly updated about any entitlements, grants, or support they can access while they are being tested and/or self-isolating.
  • All staff members receive training related to symptoms, how/where to get tested, and physical distancing requirements.
  • All electronic communication with guests will contain access to this policy and include an extract with the most important guidelines
    • Hands must be sanitised on entry and exit
    • A request to not attend the venue if a guest displays any of the symptoms currently listed on the NSW Health website
    • A note that dancing and singing are not currently permitted in the venue
    • A request to not intermingle with other groups while in the venue
  • Signage at all entrances displaying the above most important guidelines

Venue management

  • The maximum number of guests permitted in the venue at any time will be 135. This is in keeping with the social distancing requirements of 4msq per guest.
  • A Covid-Safe officer will be nominated for each shift. It will be their responsibility to ensure that social distancing and cleaning guidelines are adhered to.
  • Booking size will be limited to the most current guidelines, currently 10 guests. Reservation systems are configured to prevent guests booking parties larger than 10.
  • Alcohol will only be served to guests who are seated
  • The venue is configured so that all groups are separated by whatever distance is currently mandated by NSW Health, currently 1.5m

Physical Distancing

  • The restaurant reception area is configured with physical distancing markers
  • Department break times will be staggered to reduce risk of transmission
  • Back of house areas such as offices and preparation areas are configured with physical distancing markers
  • High traffic areas such as reception and food distribution areas are fitted with plexiglass screens
  • The Covid-Safe officer will regularly monitor the curb outside reception, to ensure that physical distancing is being adhered to.
  • Suppliers will be asked to conduct contactless deliveries whenever possible. Stock will be left in the loading dock for our staff to collect.
  • Suppliers will be asked to provide all paperwork electronically


  • Venue entrances are fitted with hand hygiene stations. All persons entering the venue must make use of these stations as a condition of entry
  • All front of house staff are required to wear a face mask while on shift. Face masks are provided by the company and reduce the risk of transmission from staff to guests
  • All staff are required to wash hands for 20 seconds after interacting with any tableware that a guest or another staff member has been in contact with.
  • All tableware will be kept in covered storage areas and only be provided to guests as needed. The same applies to condiments.
  • The venue has been configured so that all doors, soap dispensers and faucets in the bathrooms are contactless
  • Commonly touched fittings in the venue such as faucets, door handles and touch plates have been replaced with materials known to have an antimicrobial effect such as copper or brass.
  • Commonly touched fittings are cleaned at a minimum 3 times daily. During peak trade, these will be cleaned hourly.
  • Menus are provided to guests are digital on their own devices or as single-use disposable paper.
  • Disposable gloves will be provided for any staff performing cleaning. After cleaning staff will be required to wash hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • The nominated Covid-Safe officer will be responsible for maintaining the above standards and keeping the appropriate records.

Record Keeping

  • All persons, who are not rostered staff, will be required to checkin via for every visit.
  • No person will be able to enter the venue until they have confirmed their checkin with the manager on reception or the nominated Covid-Safe officer. Records will be kept for at least 28 days, as required by NSW Health.
  • All recurring processes in this plan will be managed in the company‚Äôs business process management system. Records will be retained for at least 28 days.
  • All recurring processes will be signed off by the duty manager or the nominated Covid-Safe officer.
  • All retained records will be made available to WorkSafe or NSW Health upon request
  • Any confirmed infections on the premises will be immediately reported to NSW Health and WorkSafe
  • This plan has been submitted to NSW Health and Wine Nomad Pty Ltd is a registered Covid-Safe business.