NOMAD Wine School

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NOMAD Wine School

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NOMAD Wine School

Following the sell-out success of our Nomad Wine School in 2018, we would like to invite bookings for our series of classes in 2019.

We will be offering three different themes throughout the year as we explore different aspects of the fascinating world of wine. Although the format and presentation may change, each class will give an opportunity to improve your knowledge of wine and enhance your drinking pleasure.

Courses will be hosted by our Director of Wine to intimate groups in the front of our restaurant and will offer wine education for the layman - fun, not fussy. 

Since opening in 2013, our aim has always been to showcase the best small growers, producers and winemakers. We invest a lot of time and effort into our wine offering and these classes are a way of sharing our journey

Lunch will be served by the NOMAD kitchen, with each class having an different menu.

Each Nomad wine school is a stand alone event, meaning you can attend any class throughout the year and enjoy a great day of tasting and learning.

There are three themes running throughout the year, each exploring a different aspect of the fascinating world of wine.

February, March, April – Key Grape Varieties

Join us as we explore the most important grape varieties from the world of wine. The day will involve tasting flights from classic regions around the globe, and will give an opportunity to see how different growing conditions and winemaking techniques shape different expressions of the same variety

May, June, July – Australia vs The World

As we work our way through this fun day of interactive tasting, you will have the opportunity to learn about the classic wine regions of Australia and see how they compare to their counterparts from around the globe. We will serve high quality examples and leave it up to our wine students to decide who comes out on top

August, September, October, November – Key wine making countries

Want to know your Barolo from your Bordeaux or your Barossa? Then join us at our Nomad Wine School as we explore the most important wine making countries from around the world. We will taste high quality examples from classic regions, with each flight focusing on a different country. The discussion will then focus on the grape varieties and wine making techniques that have created these benchmark styles