The first pig that was used to make our house made charcuterie - this is a photograph of the skull

During the build process of opening Nomad, we would constantly debate what to do with the wall at the front of the restaurant. Opening date was fast approaching and we were still searching for the right artwork/design/feature/anything that worked in the space. 

Work in progress

It got to the point where we were prepared to open with a blank white wall and would wait to find the right piece. Lamenting as I would to David Park from Maud who was in charge of our NOM A  D branding, he suggested an artist he knew from Brisbane. 

Our friends and neighbours at China Heights were good enough to help out with space for CJ

It was love at first sight! I'm sure not the phone call one expects when working on fashion drawing ("What do you think of coming down to Sydney to draw a 3m long pig skull for a restaurant?") CJ Hendry flew in, worked day and night to get her work to the framer in time for our opening and stayed to celebrate opening night. 

Hand drawn - CJ Hendry 

Now living in New York and collaborating with Christian Louboutin, you can see more of her work at

Finished artwork at Nomad in Surry Hills