We are so happy welcome Samantha Payne to the team. If it's wine related, Sam's probably done it. From head sommelier positions at some of Sydney's best restaurants to hosting 'How to drink wine with Samantha' on the Guardian online and guest vintages at various wineries in Australia and New Zealand.

Recently she sat down for a quick chat with Gourmet Traveller about their wine list of the year awards.

What are the things you love about being NOMAD's Sommelier?

I love the exploration and celebration of Australian wine at Nomad and watching different varieties and styles from all over the country evolve and come to life when paired with our chef Jacqui Challinor's awesome food.

What's your favourite NOMAD food and wine match?

At the moment it's the 2014 Lethbridge Pinot Meunier from Geelong, VIC paired with the waygu beef tartare- anyone who knows me knows I love tartare and this wine (just slightly chilled) is a perfect pairing.

What's hot in wine / beverages?

For me its wines that just taste delicious- that are clean and vibrant not dulled by funkiness or murkiness, lower alcohol styles that are big on aromatics (whether that be savoury characters or fruit driven flavours).