Housemade Pickles

Warm Split Pea Hommus | Sourdough

Vegetarian Empanadas

Zucchini Flowers | Pecorino, Truffle Honey

Grilled Eggplant | BlackGarlic, Pickled Chilli, Jersey Yoghurt

Ricotta & Broad Bean Pastilla

Spiced Cauliflower | Cashew, Wild Rocket, Labne

Ice Cream Sandwich | Olive Oil Parfait, Halva Crumble, Pistachio



You've asked for it! Cook your favourite veg dish from us at home. Just in time for the Festive Season




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We are very excited to be hosting Greg Malouf, the authority on modern middle-eastern cuisine and award winning chef and author. Melbourne born and raised is best known for his award-winning restaurant Momo in Melbourne and is now based in Dubai with his new restaurant Zaahira. Any home cook with a penchant for middle eastern cooking would have a dogeared copy of Arabesque or Moorish at home, we are so excited to be able to share his food with you in Surry Hills. 


Organic salmon ‘kibbeh nayee’

Quail in Kunafa, pistachio and sesame crumbs

Sultans eggplant delight, gouda cheese & brik wafers

King prawns stone roasted with green chermoula

Homemade haloumi fritters in saffron-yeast batter, leatherwood honey


Malouf’s b’stilla - Morocco’s celebrated sweet-spiced duck pie, cabbage salad

Blue eye cod tarator-style, coriander, walnuts & chili


Freekah – smoky green wheat with porcini mushrooms

Salad-e Shiraz with homemade shankleesh and violas


Pavlova with lemon caramel cream, strawberry salad & pinenut praline

Organic rose petal ice cream with new season cherry caramel


Middle Eastern food is known for being very vegetarian friendly. Not as a secondary thought but becuase vegetables are delicious and deserve to be celebrated! Greg Malouf and NOMAD's Head Chef Jacqui Challinor have put together a vegetarian feast which stands proudly next to the above option. 




Artichokes in olive brioche crumbs, preserved lemon guacamole

Salt roasted baby golden beet salad, organic leaves, purslane, & goat’s cheese

Fried whole baby cauliflower with lemon and sesame seeds, yoghurt tahini sauce

Sultans eggplant delight with Gouda cheese & brik wafers

Homemade haloumy fritters - Saffron-yeast batter, leatherwood honey


Imman Bayldi - Eggplant baked with tomato & melting onions

Feta pie with leeks and spinach - Greek style with dill & lemon


Freekah – smoky green wheat with porcini mushrooms

Salad-e Shiraz with homemade shankleesh and violas


Pavlova with lemon caramel cream, strawberry salad & pinenut praline

Organic rose petal ice cream with new season cherry caramel



$195 per person with matching wines. 

Monday 20 November Bookings from 5.30pm. Secure your seats here



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We are thrilled to announce we have been awarded One Chef's Hat for the fourth year running. A huge thank you to our team at Nomad whose hard work, dedication and talent is behind retaining our Chefs Hat, along with our wonderful suppliers who ensure the quality of our produce and wine is the best Australia has to offer each and every week. We couldn't do what we do without the support of our diners, the reason we strive to bring you the best. Cheers!



NEW Dessert Menu

NEW Dessert Menu

Our kitchen have been busy with testing out our new dessert menu. We are so happy with the results and can't wait to share them with you. Here is a sneak peak...

1710 Fried Semolina Cake.jpg

Fytoura | fried semolina cake, blood orange, caramel, vanilla

1710 Pineapple.jpg

Wood Roasted Pineapple | goats yoghurt sorbet


Ice cream Sandwich | olive oil parfait, halva crumble, pistachio


Valrhona Chocolate Créme | salted pine nut brittle, créme fraîche


Can't forget our cheese!




1709 Brunch.jpg

A first for us and for you! NOMAD is collaborating with our favourite Mediterranean eateries, Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern and Lox Stock & Barrel, Bondi Beach. With St. Ali coffee and brunch appropriate cocktails coming from the bar this is not to be missed. Click here to reserve your table, we open from 10am. 




MUM’S RICOTTA PIE | ricotta, broad bean, filo pastry

DAVID BLACKMORE 9+ TONGUE | labneh, chilli, pickles, flatbread

JERSEY MILK HALOUMI | smoked and grilled zucchini

MORCILLA ON TOAST | green tomato, fried duck egg, brioche

ICE CREAM SANDWICH | olive oil parfait, halva crumble, pistachio, honeycomb


FALAFEL FOR BRUNCH | falafel, hummus, tomato, cucumber, labneh, pickled chilli, soft boiled egg

MOROCCAN LAMB AND PINE NUT CIGARS | watercress, poached egg, goats cheese, vegemite, tahini dipping sauce

SHAKSHUKA | soft baked eggs, tomato, capsicum, tahini, toast

KEPOS STREET CHURROS | salted caramel


REUBEN | seeded bagel, piri piri

BOWLARAMA | sprouted quinoa toast, poached eggs, avocado, hummus, kale, seaweed, miso dressing, homemade fermented veggies

SMOKED LOX STOCK BAGEL | onion, capers, rocket, cream cheese

MOJO EGGS | poached eggs, romesco, shaved prosciutto, baby cavalo nero, mojo verde, sourdough

Chile is Coming to NOMAD! Monday 25 September

Chile is Coming to NOMAD! Monday 25 September

Alex Dishes_Newtown_credit_Kai Leishman_038.jpg

The flavours of Chile are coming to NOMAD next month, when Chilean duo, sommelier, Dennis Roman (ex- Café Paci) and chef Alex Munoz (formerly of Monopole and Cirrus) join head chef Jacqui Challinor for an all-out Chilean food experience with a heavy dose of heat on Monday 25 September.

For Chilean-born and raised Alex, it’s a chance for him to showcase the food of his childhood. “Globally, we’re starting to see more of an interest in Latin American food, but the focus is largely on Mexico, Argentina and Peru. I’m excited to shine a light on traditional Chilean cuisine and the food I grew up eating. I want Sydney diners to experience those dishes, in a more contemporary style,” he says.  

While Alex and Jacqui man the Asado, Dennis will turn NOMAD’s all-Australian wine list on its head with a matched selection of Chilean-inspired cocktails and wines from Chile. “As a proud Chilean, I’m always looking to expose more people to the diverse and vibrant nature of my country’s wine. The wines on offer on the night will boast the quality of Chile’s grape varieties and the unique terrain of the long, thin country,” says Dennis.

Mid-September also marks Chile’s Fiestas Patrias; a celebration of the country’s independence, which generally lasts about a week. For Alex and Dennis, the dinner makes for great timing. “NOMAD is the perfect space for a Chilean carrete (party) and I’m thrilled Jacqui’s invited me to join her in the kitchen for what promises to be a very fun night,” Alex says.



Pan amasado | pebre  Chilean country-style bread | traditional Chilean salsa

Empanada frita de marisco con queso Fried seafood and cheese empanada

Completo Chilean hot dog | NOMAD’s house-made wiener

Ceviche de pescado Citrus-cooked kingfish

Pulpo a la parrilla | Porotos con Mazamorra Barbecue octopus | traditional Chilean stew

Asado de tira | prieta Barbeque Short rib | blood pudding

Piña Pisco Sour

Pineapple Pisco Sour

Leche asada Baked milk

*Menu is subject to change.

Tickets: $150 per person includes shared style menu with matched cocktails and wines

Bookings: Call (02) 9280 3395 or visit here



Our dining room can seat up to 50 guests in one section or for the more intimate occasion our semi-private dining room can accommodate up to 20 guests. With our feast and bigger feast menu options you can sit back, relax and enjoy your celebration.

NOMAD is available for book outs of the whole space with maximum capacity of 200 guests. Please contact us to arrange your next event. 

Find out more 



Nomad Wine Club is here

Nomad Wine Club is here

We are fortunate enough to have access to the best wine around this great country and whilst we love to share it with you at our Surry Hills restaurant, we think it's time you were able to access the best at home too. 

To be part of the Nomad Wine Club, first choose one of our two packs. The Admirer pack offers 3 wines per month to dip your toe into our world of wine. For the more adventurous drinker we offer our Enthusiast pack which offers an additional 3 wines to showcase some of Australia's most exciting and innovative winemakers. Decide which one suits you and then proceed to join the Nomad Wine Club! 

We pack and send on the first Monday of every month so rest assured your wine needs are covered. No additional delivery fees and temperature controlled from our warehouse to your door. 

This month we have wines from Tumbarumba NSW, to Great Southern WA and down to Geelong in Victoria. Click here to see this months picks from our team of Sommeliers from Nomad Restaurant. 

And you can see here and here what they're saying about us.

Lamb Shoulder Pastilla How To

Lamb Shoulder Pastilla How To

Ready for that lazy weekend of cooking? Well it may not be in sights but just in case you can't make it to the restaurant, here is our Lamb Pastilla


LAMB SHOULDER PASTILLA | tahini yoghurt, pickled eggplant, pomegranate


bone in lamb shoulder
1 brown onion, peeled and quartered
6 sprigs of thyme
1 head of garlic, split in half
150ml extra virgin olive oil
2 celery stalks, cutin 5cm lengths
1 carrot, peeled and quartered
1/2 bunch parsley
50ml olive oil
salt and black pepper

Prep: 45 mins
Cook: 6 hours 30 mins
Serves: 4

1 Preheat oven to 120˚C. 

2 In a hot pan seal the lamb shoulder until dark golden brown and place in a deep baking dish. 

3 In the same pan add the onion, garlic, celery, carrot, thyme and parsley. Cook out until aromatic and golden then add to baking dish. 

4 Season the lamb well, pour the olive oil over and cover with hot water. Cover dish and cook in oven for approximately 6 hours or until tender and falling off the bone. 

5 Once cooked, remove from oven and allow the shoulder to rest in the cooking liquid for about 30 minutes.

6 Remove the shoulder from the liquid and shred the lamb from the bone being careful not to break the lamb down too far, you want to maintain some texture in the finished product. 

7 Fold the caramelised onions through the lamb mix and season to taste. 

8 Line a tray with baking paper and press the lamb into the tray approximately 3cm thick, refrigerate. 

9 Once chilled, remove lamb mix from tray and cut to desired size and shape.

Caramelised Onions

100ml olive oil
1kg brown onion, finely sliced
6 sprigs of thyme, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
200g raisins
150ml red wine vinegar
50g sugar
salt and black pepper

1 While the lamb is cooking, heat the olive oil in a heavy based saucepan. 

2 Add garlic, onions and thyme and cook out over a high heat until the onions begin to release liquid. 

3 Once this happens add the vinegar, red wine, raisins, sugar, salt and pepper and reduce the heat. 

4 Cook onions out for approximately one hour or until reduced and caramelised. Take care to continuously stir as they tend to catch on the bottom of the pan. 

5 Once cooked, remove from heat and set aside. 

Tahini Yoghurt

250g greek yoghurt
45g tahini
juice of half a lemon
extra virgin olive oil

1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Refrigerate until needed

Pickled Eggplant

1 large eggplant
1 large garlic clove, finely chopped
50ml white wine vinegar
50ml extra virgin olive oil

1 Pierce eggplant all over with a fork. 

2 Either on a BBQ or gas burner, cook eggplant directly in the flame until soft. 

3 Once cooked, remove from heat and allow excess liquid to drain in a colander. 

4 Once cool, peel skin and gently tear flesh being careful not to break down too far as you don’t want the finished product to be too mushy. 

5 Place the eggplant in a bowl, add the garlic, vinegar, olive oil and seasoning and gently mix to combine. Leave at room temperature until required.


1 packet filo pastry
1/2 cup pomegranate
1 bunch chervil, leaves picked and washed
1 bunch chives, washed and cut in 2cm pieces
squeeze of lemon juice
150ml clarified butter

1 Preheat oven to 210˚C. 

2 Brush filo pastry liberally with clarified butter and wrap lamb tightly. 

3 Brush a second sheet of filo pastry with butter and, alternating sides wrap the lamb again. Repeat with a third sheet of filo pastry. 

4 Repeat this process with the rest of the lamb then place on a flat tray lined with baking paper. 

5 Bake for approximately 12 minutes or until golden brown. 

6 Serve pastilla with a good spoonful each of the tahini yoghurt and pickled eggplant. 

7 In a bowl combine pomegranate, chervil, chives, lemon juice and olive oil. Gently mix until herbs are well dressed then spoon over the pastilla.


The Best Spots to Dine Alone in Sydney - The Urban List

The Best Spots to Dine Alone in Sydney - The Urban List

We are pretty chuffed to be featured in The Urban List - The Best Spots to Dine Alone in Sydney.


Surry Hills

"Calling all wine connoisseurs, Nomad is your soul mate. This Surry Hills dining scene brings the best of Australian wine, produce and design in a laid back yet charming atmosphere. Pop yourself down at the bar and fill up on a few small plates like the kingfish ceviche with avo and lime, and the duck and pork rillettes on brioche, or tackle something larger like the BBQ spatchcock. Nomad is the perfect reward for a solo diner’s hard-earned promotion, tough session at the gym, or for just making it to Friday in one piece (sometimes it’s the little things)."

You can see who else made the cut here.

With seating around our central open kitchen where you can see the chefs at work creating your feast before your eyes. 

Kitchen Counter

Kitchen Counter

Or chat to our bartenders whilst they create a cocktail (or two!) at the bar. These guys are best placed to run you through our all Australian wine list, with most of our wines available by the glass, we're sure you'll find some juice to suit your taste.

Bar Dining

Bar Dining

Or watch the passers by on this quintessential Surry Hills street and the sunsetting at our window counter. 

Window counter

Window counter

The best part is when you make a reservation you can choose where in the restaurant you would like to sit! To visit us and choose your preferred seating, click here