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Wine is delicious. Discovering new wines is one of life’s great pleasures but today’s busy schedule can often get in the way.

We spend our days sourcing Australia’s most interesting, unusual and finest wines. The NOMAD Wine Club is your opportunity to enjoy the very best of our Nomad Wine List each month, without having to make the hard decisions. Made up of hard to find, limited production release wines you can start enjoying what our sommeliers do at home. Decide whether you are an Admirer or Enthusiast and we’ll send you the perfect wines to match your taste.

Don’t be disappointed by bottle shop plonk again, life’s too short. Join the club and enjoy a new discovery with every glass.

 This month's Admirer Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates.

This month's Admirer Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates.

Admirer | $95 + $11

The curious ones. For those that have just started to dip their toes into the wonderful world of wine. You know what you like but might not know how to describe it. The occasional drinkers, admiring from afar and, slowly but surely, becoming more engaged.

Our monthly 3 pack contains carefully curated wines of a more classic nature, delicious wines designed to impress. These are the wines of the hour at NOMAD restaurant, the public has spoken and these are the wines we can barely keep on the shelves.

2016 Between 5 Bells White Blend

Geelong, Vic

If you were a collective of wine pros with a mission statement that read something like “Who cares what the variety is in this wine, do I like the way it tastes?” then why wouldn’t you make a blend of Pinot Gris, Fiano, Chardonnay and Riesling that carries the aromas and juiciness of Pinot Gris and Fiano, the backbone of Chardonnay and the zip of Riesling. Makes sense to us.


2017 Spinefex Rosé

Barossa Valley, SA

Peter Schell doesn’t do wine by halves, not even rosé. We’re talking old vines, bush vines, wild ferment, whole bunch, a lick of oak and any other hip and trendy wine-ism you can think of. Guided by Schell’s stable hand this blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Mataro is both bright and savoury, juicy and lean and not to be overlooked.

2017 Arno Grenache

Barossa Valley, SA

Grenache comes in many colours. Wow, that’s almost deep. But seriously, from light to dark, Grenache can appear in a myriad of forms, depending on how its handled, Arno handle their Grenache… gently. It’s a touch darker than a Pinot Noir, packs loads of crunchy red fruit and a whack of spice brings complexity.

 This month's Enthusiast Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates..

This month's Enthusiast Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates..

Enthusiast | $180

The excitable ones. You love to take long weekends into wine country. You know your Pinot Gris from your Pinot Grigio but thirst for more knowledge. Our monthly 6 pack contains slightly more adventurous wines that will delight, excite and make you think about wine in a different way.

Enthusiasts will receive the wines in the Admirer pack, plus the following 3 wines. 

2016 Bellwether Bianco d'Alessano

Riverland, SA

Another of our favourite Kiwi winemakers in Australia, Sue Bell, and her shed, Glen Roy, make some cracking wines from their bolthole in Coonawarra. They source their Bianco d’Alessano from the Riverland (By way of Puglia) and the result is a delightful combo of lanolin, grapefruit pith and dandelion… or, as Glen Roy would likely say, its just “bright and juicy and yummy”.

2017 Range Life Rosso

Murray Darling, Vic

Say you’re a lonely Nero d’Avola vine in the middle of the Darling Basin. You’re a long way from Sicily. You’re probably a bit sad. So, to cheer you up, someone comes along and plants a couple of other Italian varieties next to you, your pals Sagrantino and Dolcetto. Now, because you all get on so well, that same someone comes along and harvests you all together and vinifies you the same way. Sounds pretty good to me. Juicy, floral and savoury. Even better with pizza.

2016 Ministry of Clouds Grenache

McLaren vale, SA

Old Vine McLaren Grenache at its best and brightest. Many of these vines fell under pressure to swap Grenache for more profitable and popular varieties over the years. This one, from vineyards all over 80 years old, attests to the wisdom of those who didn’t give up. Bright, layered, spiced, nuanced, sexy.


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