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Wine is delicious. Discovering new wines is one of life’s great pleasures but today’s busy schedule can often get in the way.

We spend our days sourcing Australia’s most interesting, unusual and finest wines. The NOMAD Wine Club is your opportunity to enjoy the very best of our Nomad Wine List each month, without having to make the hard decisions. Made up of hard to find, limited production release wines you can start enjoying what our sommeliers do at home. Decide whether you are an Admirer or Enthusiast and we’ll send you the perfect wines to match your taste.

Don’t be disappointed by bottle shop plonk again, life’s too short. Join the club and enjoy a new discovery with every glass.

This month's Admirer Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates.

This month's Admirer Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates.

Admirer | $90

The curious ones. For those that have just started to dip their toes into the wonderful world of wine. You know what you like but might not know how to describe it. The occasional drinkers, admiring from afar and, slowly but surely, becoming more engaged.

Our monthly 3 pack contains carefully curated wines of a more classic nature, delicious wines designed to impress. These are the wines of the hour at NOMAD restaurant, the public has spoken and these are the wines we can barely keep on the shelves.

NV Holly's Garden Blanc de Noir


In the same way that Blanc de Blanc comes from 100% Chardonnay, the term Blanc de Noir means the fruit is 100% Pinot Noir. This wine also has a little touch of Pinot Gris (under 5% so it doesn’t need to be on the label) for added tropical fruit characters in the wine. The base of this wine comes from 2007 grapes which creates depth and a fresh finish.

2016 Vignerons Schmolzer & Brown Pret-a-Blanc


From the King Valley comes this mix of Gewurtztraminer, Pinot Gris and Riesling. From the rising stars of the region, Tessa Brown and Jeremy Schmolzer will become your go-to winemakers for easy drinking yet interesting and delicious for all occasions.  

2015 St Maur Pinot Noir


From the Southern Highlands of NSW comes our most popular Pinot Noir at Nomad in Surry Hills. This Italian family are a must visit if you are in the region, if only to meet and chat to Nerio or one of his brood! Their range will have you seeing another side to NSW wine. 

This month's Enthusiast Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates..

This month's Enthusiast Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates..

Enthusiast | $185

The excitable ones. You love to take long weekends into wine country. You know your Pinot Gris from your Pinot Grigio but thirst for more knowledge. Our monthly 6 pack contains slightly more adventurous wines that will delight, excite and make you think about wine in a different way.

Enthusiasts will receive the wines in the Admirer pack, plus the following 3 wines. 

2015 Sub Rosa Viognier


Coming from a super tiny producer in Central Victoria, this is not your oily and over-perfumed Viognier. Structured with stone fruit, texture and crunchiness this beauty will have you reaching for the glass over and over. 

2015 Eden Road 'Hilltops' Nebbiolo


Not going past NSW this month for a juicy Nebbiolo! From the Hilltops region outside of Canberra, Eden Road are producing a smooth Neb, with structured tannins, perfect for this cooler weather. 

2014 Izway 'Mates' Mataro


Super expressive on the nose, tomato bush and white pepper spice characters. Savoury but with great fruit presence. Long lines with lifted perfume and fine grained tannins.With Aglianico making up most of the juice, this is the earthy big boy of the bunch with acidity and smooth tannins on the finish. 


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