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Wine is delicious. Discovering new wines is one of life’s great pleasures but today’s busy schedule can often get in the way.

We spend our days sourcing Australia’s most interesting, unusual and finest wines. The NOMAD Wine Club is your opportunity to enjoy the very best of our Nomad Wine List each month, without having to make the hard decisions. Made up of hard to find, limited production release wines you can start enjoying what our sommeliers do at home. Decide whether you are an Admirer or Enthusiast and we’ll send you the perfect wines to match your taste.

Don’t be disappointed by bottle shop plonk again, life’s too short. Join the club and enjoy a new discovery with every glass.

This month's Admirer Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates.

This month's Admirer Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates.

Admirer | $90

The curious ones. For those that have just started to dip their toes into the wonderful world of wine. You know what you like but might not know how to describe it. The occasional drinkers, admiring from afar and, slowly but surely, becoming more engaged.

Our monthly 3 pack contains carefully curated wines of a more classic nature, delicious wines designed to impress. These are the wines of the hour at NOMAD restaurant, the public has spoken and these are the wines we can barely keep on the shelves.

2016 Brave New Wine 'Klusterphunk' Chardonnay


Winemakers Andries and Yoko Mostert from Great Southern Western Australia, have turned it up to 11 with this 100% whole bunch naturally fermented wine. Hand bottled with no fining and no filtration this is the perfect aperitif to crack open with charcuterie for the wine drinker.

2016 Frankly, Bob Made This Petit Verdot Merlot


From our own backyard of Orange NSW comes Bob and Tom Colman young and approachable Bordeaux-esque juice. Perfect in front of the winter fire, juicy and earthy and ready to drink now.

2016 Koerner 'La Corse' Sangiovese, Malbec, Granache, Sciaccarello


Not a stem left in the making of this wine! A lot of winemaker love for this beauty, with fruit being sourced from three different vineyards, and picked on various days throughout vintage before being transferred to amphorae or large ceramic egg and old oak for maturation. Don't know what we mean? The proof is in the bottle! An ode to Corsican red wine via the Clare Valley

This month's Enthusiast Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates..

This month's Enthusiast Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates..

Enthusiast | $185

The excitable ones. You love to take long weekends into wine country. You know your Pinot Gris from your Pinot Grigio but thirst for more knowledge. Our monthly 6 pack contains slightly more adventurous wines that will delight, excite and make you think about wine in a different way.

Enthusiasts will receive the wines in the Admirer pack, plus the following 3 wines. 

2014 Between 5 Bells White Blend


These guys aim to create wines which are neither regionally or varietally specific "for no other reason than to be delicious". A firm favourite with our restaurant customer, this blend of Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier evolves before your eyes and always satisfies.

2016 Coppabella 'The Crest' Chardonnay


Chardonnay from Tumbarumba NSW is a true revelation. Jason Brown has created a full bodied cool climate expression of the variety that has length and depth of flavour and is perfect for your winter seafood feasts.

2016 2 by 2 Cabernet Sauvignon Sangiovese


Moving to the Alpine Valley of Victoria, winemakers Jo Marsh and Glen James have made a soft yet structured example of this Tuscan blend. Wine to go with food, this beauty is the pick at Nomad Sydney right now with our house made ricotta, roasted peppers and wood roasted focaccia to start a meal on a cold winters night. 


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