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Wine is delicious. Discovering new wines is one of life’s great pleasures but today’s busy schedule can often get in the way.

We spend our days sourcing Australia’s most interesting, unusual and finest wines. The NOMAD Wine Club is your opportunity to enjoy the very best of our Nomad Wine List each month, without having to make the hard decisions. Made up of hard to find, limited production release wines you can start enjoying what our sommeliers do at home. Decide whether you are an Admirer or Enthusiast and we’ll send you the perfect wines to match your taste.

Don’t be disappointed by bottle shop plonk again, life’s too short. Join the club and enjoy a new discovery with every glass.

This month's Admirer Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates.

This month's Admirer Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates.

Admirer | $90

The curious ones. For those that have just started to dip their toes into the wonderful world of wine. You know what you like but might not know how to describe it. The occasional drinkers, admiring from afar and, slowly but surely, becoming more engaged.

Our monthly 3 pack contains carefully curated wines of a more classic nature, delicious wines designed to impress. These are the wines of the hour at NOMAD restaurant, the public has spoken and these are the wines we can barely keep on the shelves.

2017 Skigh Wines 'Coda' Chardonnay

Margaret River, WA

Western Australian Chardonnay made by a local lad with a nod to Burgundy and beyond. Skigh Mcmanus’s low-intervention Margaret River Chardy sees a shadow of oak and over-delivers with flavours of stone fruit, cashew and citrus.


2017 Dune 'Bonnaire' Rosé

McLaren Vale, SA

The Lloyd brothers of Coriole fame have snatched a spot of their own in the McLaren Vale’s Blewitt Springs. There they’ve grafted Mediterranean varietals like Carignan which dominates this rosé blend. Watermelon hued, the wine is floral and bright with a whiff of Turkish delight but none of the confectionary sweetness. Partial fermentation on lees gives it more texture than one might expect from a rose without sacrificing the freshness.

2017 Mount Macleod Pinot Noir

Gippsland Vic

Having booted out a herd of grazing cows the gang at Caledonia Australis brings you another Burgundy-inspired number (Aren’t all Chardys and Pinots these days though?) from Gippsland. It’s a gem; a savoury fruit salad of strawberries, pomegranate and cherries dusted with allspice and backed up by acidity so bright you’ll need shades.

This month's Enthusiast Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates..

This month's Enthusiast Pack, check back on the 2nd of the month for updates..

Enthusiast | $185

The excitable ones. You love to take long weekends into wine country. You know your Pinot Gris from your Pinot Grigio but thirst for more knowledge. Our monthly 6 pack contains slightly more adventurous wines that will delight, excite and make you think about wine in a different way.

Enthusiasts will receive the wines in the Admirer pack, plus the following 3 wines. 

2016 Boy with Fruit Aromatic White Blend

This aromatic white blend of Semillon and Viognier from Stuart Olsen in Mudgee is fermented as one before being foot-trod, hand plunged and it shows with flavours of tropical fruit, pear and white peach. It doesn’t see much interference so expect it to be a little cloudy but no less fresh for it.


‘Low intervention’, ‘no intervention’, ‘low sulphur’ and ‘virginal grapes only’ are some of the terms bandied around in reference to some for the, relatively, new wave wines you’ve probably had foisted upon you at some point. Some are bad, some are good, and this is of the latter category.

2017 Eloquesta 'Blush'

Mudgee, NSW

Red? Rosé? This wine has a bit of a personality disorder but it works. A blend of Black Muscat and Viognier you could describe it as either a dark rosé or a light red but there’s no confusion when it comes to the flavour; a red and black fruit platter with a rose and wild flower bouquet thrown in for good measure. The most life-affirming wine of the year thus far.

2016 Even Keel Murrumbateman Syrah

Murrumbateman NSW

Sam Coverdale of Polperro (Mornington Peninsula) has branched out into a handful of key sites he feels particularly confident in. This Syrah highlights the slick, complex style he’s going for with layers of violet and plum and a silky mouthfeel over a taught core.


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