Welcome to our Wine School! 

A series of courses and rotating masterclasses dedicated to enhancing the public’s knowledge of Australian wine styles, grape varieties, viticulture and winemaking.

Courses will be hosted by our Director of Wine to intimate groups in the China Heights Gallery located directly above the restaurant and will offer wine education for the layman - fun, not fussy. 

Since opening in 2013, our aim has always been to showcase the best small growers, producers and winemakers. We invest a lot of time and effort into our wine offering and these classes are a way of sharing our journey.

NOMAD Saturday Wine School

NOMAD Wine School

Join us on a tasting tour of Australia with NOMAD. We’ll cover the basics of wine appreciation before embarking on a journey across the wide range of styles, places, wines and characters that make Australian wine so intriguing.

Charcuterie, lunch and cheese will be served by the NOMAD kitchen. The dishes will draw from the restaurant’s dynamic and seasonally driven menu and will be updated regularly over the course of the year.

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Wine is delicious. Discovering new wines is one of life’s great pleasures but today’s busy schedule can often get in the way.

We spend our days sourcing Australia’s most interesting, unusual and finest wines. Let NOMAD do the choosing for you and sit back, relax and know that your gift will be received with open arms!